Securitize iD
Securitize iD provides a simple and robust RESTful API to integrate KYC/KYB/AML within your application.
Securitize ID is a universal digital identity for the financial world. Knowing your customer is a crucial requirement for this sector, be it an individual or an entity. Securitize iD offers a fast and convenient way for investors to verify their identity, create accounts and log in to your website.
With a Securitize iD API we provide partners and customers a mechanism with which they can
  • Provide single sign - on capabilities to 3 rd party services
  • Leverage KYC information with investor opt - in so they can use a verified identity
  • Expand the capabilities of the Securitize platform so that they can integrate their own offerings to the same investor base


  • An issuer may create their own investor experience not leveraging our fundraise platform, but using Securitize’s KYC process and leveraging the existing Securitize iD investor base.
  • An issuer can expand their offering with custom products and services, but investors only need register and KYC once.
    • Eg. an issuer that wants to create a bulletin board for investors added to their offering and built by a third party but only available to an existing KYC’d investor base
  • A partner may want to leverage our existing investor base for on - boarding and compliance but not do a normal “offering” or use Securitize’s fundrase capabilities at all
    • Eg. A third party ATS may onboard primary holders from Securitize into their trading venue with “just a click”

What it does

  • Allows to authenticate investors with their Securitize iD credentials in other sites/services
  • Gets investor consent to share information with partner
  • Provides KYC status and allows investor to complete KYC process with Securitize if needed
  • Mechanisms for wallet registration for Security Token whitelisting (in progress)

What it doesn’t do

  • It does not provide a white-label KYC – the KYC process is managed by Securitize and with Securitize brand
    • Legal implications – to be able to share KYC cross issuers/partners there needs to be clear to investor they are giving the info to Securitize and that there are specific consents to share
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