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Advantages for issuers and investors

Advantages for issuers

Fast verification

It takes an average of 26 days and 8 contacts to carry out the Know Your Customer process. An investor can be easily convinced not to participate in your offering or not to use your service due to this waiting time. Securitize iD allows the users to do the verification process once in a process that can be carried out in minutes.

Real verified identity

When a user decides to log in with Securitize iD they can share their identity details and verification status. Applications using real identity are usually less prone to be spam users and promote higher quality conversions.

Daily watchlist and AML checks

Securitize iD checks everyday against multiple watchlists to ensure that investors are compliant. This reduces the risk posed by investors whose verification status has changed after entering a company's capitalisation table.

Account creation

Logging in with Securitize iD allows investors to create quickly and easily an account in your website. Once the investor has created an account in one of the platforms connected with Securitize iD, he can log in easily with a few clicks in the rest of platforms. Entering the Securitize iD network implies the availability of a pool of potential investors that have already been verified.

Verification for individuals and entities

Securitize ID supports verification of both individuals and businesses. Complying with all the requirements of Knowing Your Business (KYB) and Knowing Your Customer (KYC) begets many pain points for businesses who have to undertake long verification processes with many rote tasks. Using Securitize ID automates this process, saving time for investors.

Advantages for investors

Get verified once

Investors only have to go through the verification process once. This streamlines the account creating and saves time.

No more passwords

Investors do not have to remember multiple passwords across different platforms.

Manage what you share

The investor can manage easily who he shares his information with. His account remains consistent and he does not have to update it in different platforms since Securitize ID serves as his universal digital identity.

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