These are the endpoints on the OAuth API that allow at domain level for the access token:
  • See the wallets registered per token to the investor and their status (ready, pending, failed)
  • Add wallets to the investor (equivalent to adding them via the CP)

Important concepts and parameters

  • address - the address of the wallet to add. The format for this value will depend on the specific blockchain the token is using (i.e. Ethereum tokens will require Ethereum addresses, Algorand wallets will require Algorand addresses, etc...)
  • wallet name - the user-friendly name for this wallet, so that the user can identify it without having to check the address itself when looking at it from the Securitize dashboard
  • tokenId - the token for which this wallet wants to be authorized. This operation basically is set to add a wallet address to the whitelist of an specific token, and since in a given domain there may be multiple tokens this is needed to specify which one
  • securitizeiDwalletID - this is used to associate the wallet being whitelisted at token level with the same wallet iff it was registered to the user profile in Securitize iD. This is not required, as the whitelisting at token level does NOT require the wallet being registered at Securitize iD (the UI enforces this process for simplifity, but the system does not require it) and in some cases it would not be possible (e.g. for networks that are not exposed in Securitize iD, like BESU). If the link exists it fundamentally means the wallet was authorized through our UI by leveraging a previously SiD-registered wallet, but for an automatic operation via API this is likely not needed.
Get Wallets
Add Investor Wallet