Scope of Access

The degree of access to the information within Securitize iD may vary according to the agreement arrived to between Securitize iD and the third-party integrator

Authorisation to share information

When integrating Securitize iD within a third party product, the user has to give their consent to share their personal information. During the authentication flow, a dialog from Securitize will be shown to the user asking for authorisation to share their information with the third party integrator. This authorises Securitize iD to share the available information with you. The information that can be shared is layered and depends on the agreement arrived to between Securitize iD and the third party service always subject to the user's consent to share.

Access to verification states

Securitize iD provides information about the verification state of the user, be it an individual or an entity. In this case, no more information is provided. The possible states are the following.

Verification state



The user has not filled in the information necessary for his verification.


The user has filled in his information and sent it to be verified but the verification is still being carried out.

Updates Required

The verification could not be done because some of the information sent by the user was not correct or could not be analysed. We require the user upload a new set of documents.

Manual Review

Due a tu a variety of factors the verification could not be done automatically so one of our compliance agents handles this verification personally.


The user has been verified.


The user verification has been rejected.

By using these states, the third party integrator can decide upon the logic within their service.

Access to verification details

If the third party service requires additional information and not just the verification state, for example, the users identification card, selfie or proof of address there is the possibility to share that data, but it depends on the legal agreement arrived to with Securitize iD and consent form the user has to be provided.

Additional information

If after this you need additional information, you can then gather it as part of your own on-boarding flow (for instance filling out a suitability form), but with the investor already having covered most of it through Securitize iD, which should simplify their registration and make it much faster for existing holders of Securities (which will have a verified profile already as otherwise they cannot be holders).

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